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Intern - Lehigh Valley Style

During my time at Lehigh Valley Style, I wrote short PR pieces for the print publication, researched and wrote service articles for the web, and pitched story ideas for all facets of the magazine.


App Reviews


Lehigh Valley Style reviews an app in each issue to give readers a sense of the new technologies.


Wedding Trends


For their website, Lehigh Valley Style explores new trends. This article focused on weddings as part of the magazine's yearly wedding issue.


Tree of Love


Jan Bubbenmoyer, mother and wife from Northeastern Pennsylvania, uses Mother Teresa as inspiration for her next throught-provoking novel, Tree of Love.



Radiant Red: Fall's Latest Fashion Trend


After scouring the local mall and browsing websites, I found that crimson represented that year's fall color. I pitched a style story and wrote it for the web.

Life in the Valley Blurbs


In the front-of-book section of the magazine, Lehigh Valley Style highlights events, new resturants and shops, and book releases curring during that month.

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