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Wedding Trends

Today’s brides and grooms are going against the wedding grain and opting for a non-traditional day. They’re adding personality to every detail and getting creative with wedding style and structure. For modern couples, tying the knot isn’t about following the norm. It’s about making memories for themselves, friends, and family on their special day. Here are eight alternative ways to make your wedding atypical.


  1. Mini Wedding Dresses


Whether it’s studded with rhinestones, or flowing with feathers, knee-length wedding dresses have reached today’s bride’s radar. They’re practical and personalized, and offered in many retail stores like J.Crew and White House Black Market.


  1. Fun with Color


Get rid of that white-only mindset and look for a dress with color. Bold tones and black shades represent the new color palette for weddings this year. Experiment with different colored bridesmaid dresses too. You can coordinate with patterns or complimentary colors to make your wedding-look unique.


  1. Alternative Gift Registries


Many couples are thinking practical instead of plentiful when it comes to gift registries. By registering for more long-term items, guests can donate money towards the couple’s ultimate honeymoon or buy a gift certificate to help the couple pay for a new car. Websites like allow couples to create a gift card registry. They can sign up for their favorite restaurant and enjoy a free night out as newlyweds.


  1. Punchy Personalization


Think mingling at afternoon brunch instead of sitting down to a formal dinner. Picture funky, non-matching furniture instead of classic, crisp chairs. While the formalities of the wedding remain stagnant (bride and groom, family and friends, ceremony and reception) the look is changing. Couples are personalizing everything from flowers to favors, and adding their own creative touch.


  1. Eco-friendly Finds


Rent an outdoor space, use reclaimed furniture, and purchase locally grown food to make your wedding “green.” Eco-conscious brides and grooms can still celebrate in a big way without the big environmental impact.


  1. The Rustic South


With a longing for country and culture, couples are thinking southern for the wedding of their dreams. Today’s vintage and rustic weddings embrace simplicity and infuse new life into old things. Pairing an old barn with antique décor and a vintage wedding dress lets couples have the nostalgic feel of the old South.


  1. Hollywood Heyday


Pop culture and Hollywood trends have finally made their way into the average women’s wedding world. Feed your guests with food cart fare and showcase a retro Asian theme throughout your big day to mirror celebs’ wedding style. Get inventive with Chinese lanterns or liven up the reception with a few ninjas and samurai.


  1. Death of the Wedding Cake


The escalating cost of tiered wedding cakes is forcing couples to experiment with non-traditional desserts. Rather than paying for an expensive cake, make your favorite cupcakes and assemble into a tiered look. Or you can nix cake entirely and feature a dessert buffet with pies and ice cream sundaes instead. 

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